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Giving Albertans a Voice

If you are concerned about a company’s proposed energy development, we invite you to express your concerns by submitting a statement of concern. A statement of concern is a written submission that describes specific concerns about a company’s plans to develop.

If your statement of concern is relevant, complete, and submitted on time, we will consider your concerns while we decide to approve or reject the company’s application.

How to Submit a Statement of Concern

Find the Company’s Project Application and Submission Timeframe

All companies must submit project applications for our review before developing resources. We publish all applications on our Public Notice of Application page to encourage public participation in the decision-making process.

Applications are typically available for public review on our website for 30 days, or an otherwise specified timeframe. To have your statement of concern considered, please file it within this timeframe.

We recommend you send the notice of application to anyone else who has previously raised concerns about the proposed activity. This will give them time to submit a statement of concern.

Complete and Send Us Your Statement of Concern

Please use our statement of concern form to describe your concerns. This form can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to us using the contact information provided on the form. A phone call cannot be registered as a statement of concern.

When preparing a statement of concern, it is important to include enough information for it to be registered, including

  • the application number for the proposed project;
  • why you believe that you may be directly and adversely affected;
  • the outcome you are in support of;
  • the location of your land or residence;
  • the location of the proposed project; and
  • your contact information (i.e., your name, address, phone number, and email address. If you do not have an email address, please include your fax number).

Please be sure to submit your statement of concern within the specified timeframe, and be aware that your statement of concern will be made public. For your privacy, do not include personal, medical, financial, or confidential information such as rent payments, medical history, or employment records in your submission.

What Happens Next

We Review Your Statement of Concern

Once we receive your statement of concern, we will review it to ensure that we have enough information to register it in our system. If we have questions or need more information, we will contact you.

We may reject your statement of concern if

  • information is missing or unavailable;
  • we have already made a decision on the application; or
  • the statement of concern is related to a matter outside our jurisdiction.

We may request a written response from the company about your concerns; we will also consider this response as we review the energy development application. In some cases, we may recommend holding a hearing to address your concerns.

We Share our Decision

We will send our final decision on the application to both you (as the statement of concern filer) and the company. We will also share our decision on the following pages:

Details of our decision and any associated documents will also be shared for 30 days through the Integrated Application Registry.

What if we’ve approved the company’s application?

If you have concerns after we have approved an application, you may be able to request a regulatory appeal under section 38 of the Responsible Energy Development Act. Learn more about our regulatory appeal process and who can request to appeal.

What if the company hasn’t applied (yet)?

Our preapplication concern fact sheet explains what to do if you have concerns about an activity for which the company has not yet submitted an application to us. If you have preapplication concerns,

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