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We are responsible for protecting Albertans from the consequences of oil and gas liabilities, including potential environmental issues and costs associated with abandonment and decommissioning of energy development sites. We work with government and industry to develop effective liability management programs and processes to ensure that companies are held responsible for properly and safely abandoning and reclaiming their sites.

We have several programs and processes to hold companies accountable for their liabilities. Learn more about these programs and processes and how we monitor companies’ accountability. 

Companies must follow our requirements set out in the documents below. For more information on our requirements or our liability management programs and processes, please refer to our Liability Management Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our Detailed Requirements

  • Directive 001 Requirements for Site-Specific Liability Assessments in Support of the ERCB's Liability Management Programs
  • Directive 006 Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program and Licence Transfer Process
  • Directive 011 Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program - Updated Industry Parameters and Liability Costs
  • Directive 013 Suspension Requirements for Wells
  • Directive 019 Compliance Assurance [Rescinded by Manual 013: Compliance and Enforcement Program]
  • Directive 020 Well Abandonment
  • Directive 024 Large Facility Liability Management Program
  • Directive 035 Baseline Water Well Testing Requirement for Coalbed Methane Wells Completed Above the Base of Groundwater Protection
  • Directive 067 Eligibility Requirements for Acquiring and Holding Energy Licences and Approvals
  • Directive 068 ERCB Security Deposits
  • Directive 075 Oilfield Waste Liability (OWL) Program
  • Directive 079 Surface Development in Proximity to Abandoned Wells


Informational Letters

  • IL 98-02 Suspension, Abandonment, Decontamination, and Surface Land Reclamation of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities